The Best Star Sign Tattoo Inspo’s You’ll LOVE

So you’ve made the big decision to get a tattoo. But you want a design that looks amazing and has a little meaning to it too, right? So, to avoid getting an inking you will regret, we’ve rounded up the best tattoo-spo on the Internet right now. Because NO ONE wants a “Whyyyy did I get that?!” moment, do they?

Tattoos might have been around forever, but they’re still hugely popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike. And there’s one tattoo trend in particular that’s sweeping Instagram right now… Zodiac tattoos. Wave goodbye to fancy floral designs, it’s all about star sign stamps this year.

Whether you’re a fiery Aries gal and want a design to show off your passionate nature, or a Gemini who wants a fun-loving duo tattoo, we have all the inspo you’ll ever need right here – with a little added extra too! Because if you’re not too keen on having a literal illustration of your star sign, then we have the perfect alternatives that will let you give a subtle nod to the zodiac without being too in-your-face. 
From floating stars to cute constellation designs, there is definitely something for everyone in this great selection.
And if you’re having a dilemma on where abouts on your body to get your inking done, we’ve got that covered too. From tattoos behind the ear to ankle stamps, you’ll be sat in that tatt parlour chair totally confident and happy about your choice… Trust.
So before you make a trip to get your ink done, why not take a look at some of these amazing zodiac tattoo inspos we’ve hand-picked just for you. No tatt regrets necessary.