14 Seriously Cool Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Flowers? Check. Dress? Check. Cake? Check. Tattoos..? That’s right, step aside wedding bands because there’s a new kid in town. Gone are the days of traditional rings, its time to welcome the newest trend in wedding fashion; wedding ring tattoos. It’s daring, unique and a little bit painful but is there really anything else that symbolises marriage like permanent ink? We don’t think so. It takes time, planning and dedication.. just like marriage. We just hope you can agree on a design quicker than your seating plan!
Before you jump to conclusions, though, this isn’t just another tacky tattoo featuring a name scrawled inside a heart. These tattoos are sweet, touching and classy enough even for your grandma. To help you sift through the hundreds of beautiful designs we’ve created a collection in our gallery of the cutest and most inventive wedding tattoos going. No thanks needed!
Whether you opt for a simple black band, a heart or something more personal, choosing your ink can be a tough and emotional decision. Maybe it’s a shared love or hobby that brings you together or simply a fond memory from your relationship, there’s always something that can serve as an extra special piece for your extra special day. From your crazy cat to a romantic get away, there are endless sources of inspiration.
And of course, not only does getting inked showcase your eternal love but also it also serves as a cheaper alternative to that pricey diamond band. Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyonce and Jay-Z it’s good enough for us! Best of all, you can’t lose a tattoo!

By Kadie Eve