Best Setting Sprays

When we apply our make up first thing in the morning, there’s always one thing on our minds: how long will it last? Will we have to touch up by lunch time, or can we ensure it lasts till the end of the day? Either way, there are new saviours in town, and they’re called setting sprays.

We all know to set our make up with powder or loose setting powder. Setting your make up with a setting spray works to lock in your make up and give it the hydration it needs to stop it from caking. The formula of these setting sprays allow your skin to be refreshed, leaving it looking healthy and flawless. It’s so much easier then getting your favourite powder out and reapplying: just keep one of these on your desk and spritz when you feel like your make up is fading.

When you apply your setting spray, make sure to keep your eyes closed, have your spray at a good distance and evenly distribute all over your face. It’s as simple as that, and watch your make up stay put for the rest of the day!