Wonder Products For Under £20 Experts Love!

Too afraid to check your bank account? We’ve all been there. So, the Look beauty team have decided to get some of our fave beauty products together, all for under £20.

From facemasks to cleansers to nail polish, we’ve picked out all the essentials for the perfect pamper, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

We asked the top beauty experts, from beauty buyers at Selfridges, Boots and Superdrug to tanning expert, James Harknett, MAC senior make-up artist, Debbie Finnegan and backstage hair stylist, Anthony Turner, what they thought were some of the best products to use that weren’t super expensive. And they gave us some pretty fab recommendations! We tried them all and have to admit, for what they cost, the products were amazing.

Michelle Humphrey, Lily Allen’s on-hand nail artist, recommended the Maybelline Color Show Polish. After giving it a go, we realized why it was one of her favourites to use, it was the most beautiful colour, gave our nails a full coverage with only one application, and it lasted for ages! Plus, it pretty much costs pennies, there’s just no need to go and splash out on a £20 nail varnish which probably lasts ten minutes.

It really shouldn’t have to cost a bomb to look your absolute best, and with these fab products you can save loads of money and still look amaze.

Oh, and we’re also kind of a little bit in love with the StarSkin Brightening Face Mask, it left us feeling super moisturised and it was so relaxing to just lie back and feel it working its magic, plus for under £20 you don’t want to miss out on this one!

By Lucia Campolucci- Bordi