Best Eyelash Curler

Tired of your eyes looking small and lifeless? Pretty much just plain tired…? We’ve got your new weapon of mass seduction with our top 10 best eyelash curlers to open up those lashes and leave you looking and feeling like you’re ready to take on the day.

Using an eyelash curler may seem like an unnecessary step in your morning routine but it shouldn’t be. It’s one of those easily missed, but super quick steps that should be considered vital and sets your lashes up perfectly for a coating of mascara.

What’s more is, for those of you who love the no make-up make-up look actually involving no make-up, eyelash curlers are the perfect way to master the look. Sleek some vaseline over your brows for a messy wet look straight off the runway, dab some pink tinted lip balm across your cheeks and lips for a fresh rosy glow and with your lashes now looking flared and gorgeous you’re good to go!

Hold the eyelash curler so that your lashes feed into the gap between the rubber lining and press down gently but firmly for a few seconds before releasing the curler and then pulling away! Make sure not to press down too harshly or pull away before releasing the curler as this could lead to precious lashes being damaged or worse-still, pulled out!

The trick is to press lovingly down on them so that afterwards they’re luscious and lifted and evenly spread out, making your eyes look bigger, lashes longer and in turn you looking more awake!

No amount of multiple mascara usage is going to better the finish of curled lashes, and even with a lengthening and volumising mascara there’s a distinct difference between the curled and not so curled… cue Regina George *you can’t sit with us*! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Lia Jordan