Best Eyebrow Kits: Top 10

Brows are an important part of our beauty routine, not only because we love the look of healthy brows but also because they can literally change the shape of your face! We’ve tried all types of products available on the market: pencils, waxes, gels – you name it, we’ve tried it.

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There are some important factors that need to be considered when looking for the perfect brow kit. Longevity and lasting power of the powders are key, as we don’t want to be worrying about messing up our brows or having them look uneven half way through the day. The way they apply is also important, as we love natural looking brows with a no-fuss application. Don’t forget to match the colour of your eyebrows to your natural skin tone too!

Whether you like your brows thick, thin or natural – we’ve got the product for you. Scroll through to see our top 10 brow kits that are extremely handy and easy to take on the go.

By Alara Basul