The Best Celebrity Male Transformations Ever

We all love a celebrity transformation. And we especially love it when hot men are involved.

There’s nothing better than an actor disappearing for a while before re-emerging into society looking like a TOTALLY different person. And let us tell you, Hollywood has thrown up a lot of them for our enjoyment over the past few years. 

Remember when Zac Efron was in High School Musical, all perfectly-coiffed Justin Bieber hair and innocent ambassador of preppy, wholesome sing-song fun? Well, just look at him now. Gone is the fresh-faced schoolboy, and in his place, a bonafide sex god famed for his rippling abs and naughty silver screen antics in films like Bad Neighbour an That Awkward Moment. Swapping basketball vests for tuxes and leather jackets has never been such a wise move. 

Another major male celebrity transformation has been Chris Pratt, who went from geeky funnyman to sharp, chiselled, dinosaur-fighting hunk in this year’s Jurassic World movie. And all it took was a couple of leg days down the gym. 

And you might not want to believe us, but once upon a time, Ryan Gosling wasn’t such a heartthrob. Before the manly stubble, thick blonde locks and piercing glare was a goofy dark-haired teen who favoured retro cowboy shirts to sexy bombers. Who would have thought… 

The music world has also seen a fair few manly transformations, too. Between Gary Barlow, Zayn Malik and Ricky Wilson, we’ve been doing double takes for years as our favourite pop stars have been pumped up, bronzed-over and showered with designer suits in some of the most dramatic makeovers ever.

And then there was Calvin Harris. Transforming from nerdy DJ to bonafide sex god and scooping pretty pop lady Taylor Swift as his girlfriend to boot, he’s got to be one of the most impressive transformations of our time.

Now let’s enjoy our favourite male celebrity makeovers of all time…