The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes EVER

Trick or Treat! Our favourite holiday of the year is nearly here. October 31st is rapidly approaching and it’s time to start planning your costume.

If you’re being organised this year (and not just donning a spare sheet in a last ditch attempt to look like a ghost) then you’re in luck. We’ve searched high and low for the best in celeb inspiration so you don’t spend the scariest night of the year as a cat, again. No one wants to be dressed the same as the next girl at the party do they?

Whether you’re hitting the streets for a spot of trick or treating, off to a house party, or out on the town, we’ve got it covered. Get all the fright night fashion inspiration you’ll ever need thanks to the A-list and their fantastic ghoulish guises. After all, Hollywood has the best Halloween parties and the stars always have the best costumes.

Will you stick to a classic Halloween look and scare your mates? If so, take a cue from Lily Allen’s creepy Wednesday Addams costume or Suki Waterhouse’s terrifying Zombie outfit.

Or will you go for all-out ridiculousness? Remember Miley Cyrus as ‘Lil Kim? Or Paris Hilton as, er, Miley Cyrus? Not forgetting Heidi Klum’s fantastic granny costume.

If you’re scared to go it alone why not team up with a friend and do the double? Look to Kendall and Cara for inspo who dressed up as the Mario Brothers, or how about Millie Mac and Pro Green who went as matching skeletons. Ahh.

Don’t want to give up your fashionable credentials. Take a leaf out of Kelly Osborne’s book and dress up as this season’s surprise style icon, Margot Tenenbaum.
From stylish to spooky, click through to see all the best celebrity Halloween looks and find your perfect costume…