Sophia Loren’s Most Glamorous Style Moments Ever!

Sophia Loren doesn’t really need any kind of introduction does she?

Not only is this Italian actress bona fide Hollywood royalty, but her legendary fashion choices over the years have also made her one of the most celebrated style icons of all time.

From red carpet glitz to effortless European chic, Sophia has managed to coin a timeless glamour all her own – it’s hard to believe that this lady has just turned 81. We know. Unbelievable right?

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Her celebrated curves and sultry Italian looks have always ensured that Sophia tops ‘most beautiful women ever’ polls the world over, and along with being ridiculously gorgeous, Sophia also has a Best Actress Academy Award under her belt – the first ever Oscar to be won by an artist for a foreign language performance.

We particularly adore how Sophia has always stuck to her sartorial guns in terms of dressing to suit her body shape; her penchant for classic pieces such as mid-length pencil skirts and belted trench coats make the most of her tiny waist, while her olive skin tones give her the freedom to wear strong colours such as red, tangerine orange and super shiny metallics.

Plus, we’ve never seen a woman rock a neck scarf as well as Sophia. Honestly, this is a lady that knows how to accessorize.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite sartorial Sophia moments, in a gallery that sees her nail trends befitting every decade. ‘70s chic? Sofia’s already rocked it. Poofy prom skirts? Sofia works them like a pro. A lot can be learned from following Sophia Loren’s set of simple style rules, because lets face it, if you want to look as great as she does when you are pushing 80, then you need to sit down and start learning from the pros…..