The Hottest Short, Curly Hairstyles

Having short, curly hair is a tough nut to crack. While most of us have been led to think that short, curly hair reigns supreme in the hair woes, we couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, after rounding up some of the best short, curly hairstyles we’ve spotted of late, we can’t help but think that short, curly hair might actually be the new buzz cut on the block.

If you are tight for time, short, curly hair can seem like your ultimate nightmare. But it’s thanks to Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and up-and-coming model Mica Arganaraz that the shape has never been more appealing. J-Lo and Miss Holmes champion the ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed and look amazing’ do, featuring a cool side parting and tight, scrunchy curls. Mica, meanwhile, sports a more relaxed curl along with of-the-moment bangs. And if that’s not enough inspiration for you, Chloe’s spring/summer ’16 show came complete with some of the most beautifully feminine short, curly hairstyles we’ve ever laid eyes upon.

On a similar chilled note, there’s one accessory in particular that can take any short, curly hairstyle from bleak to chic in the blink of an eye: the floral head garland. Being the Queen of boho, actress Vanessa Hudgens often pairs her short, curly tresses with a cute rose garland, while Agnes B’s spring/summer ’16 show saw many a model donning the accessory.  

For the more formal of occasions, using a heat tool is the secret to success. Taylor Swift, Rachel McAdams and Charlize Theron show us exactly how it’s done. Tame your curls into clean ringlets using a curling wand a la Rachel and Taylor, or go for the full blow-out to achieve Charlize’s glam look.

All in all, short, curly hair really is having a bit of a moment..