Reese Witherspoon And Sofia Vergara: BFF Funny Moments

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are *so* our favourite new celebrity friends.

The ladies have become close pals since filming their flick Hot Pursuit together – and we’re very happy about it.

Why’s that? Because they’ve provided us with some seriously funny BFF moments. Oh. And they’re major fashion inspo together as well.

We couldn’t stop giggling when we first saw the stills of Sofia and Reese on the set of Hot Pursuit, which tells the story of an uptight policewoman (Reese) trying to protect the widow of a drug boss (Sofia) as they’re chased through Texas by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.

The images show them screaming in a bathroom (intriguing), Reese falling out of a window and Sofia nestling her co-star in her bosom. Cheeky.

But the LOLs didn’t stop after the movie had wrapped. The pair continued their hilarious antics as they headed off on their promotion tour.

At a Warner Bros presentation, they were snapped goofing around with Sofia’s man Joe Manganiello. Sofia continued the banter by resting her legs on Reese’s lap as she pretended to take a nap on a sofa.

The ladies then uploaded shots of themselves taking the doughnut challenge and posing on a plane’s steps before boarding.

One of our favourite pictures of the two sees them channel BFF icons Thelma and Louise in matching printed T-shirts. 

But while Reese and Sofia are clearly hilarious together, that’s not the only thing we admire about them. We’re also very impressed by the fact that they both look totally ah-mazing wherever they go.

For the Mexico premiere of Hot Pursuit, they dazzled in figure-hugging red frocks. They co-ordinated in monochrome at another photocall and donned studded silver ensembles for the Country Music Awards.

Let’s not forget that their hair and make-up is also always on point.

Read on to see even more reasons why we love Reese and Sofia so much…