Perfume: Which New Season Fragrance Are You?

From Glossier to Jo Malone, these are the scents we can't stop spritzing right now

It’s national fragrance week, and to celebrate we’ve hand picked out our favourite scents out right now. Gone are the days when fragrance could be grouped into woody, floral, sensual and sweet. Shoppers want more from their signature scents, and these perfumers are taking note. Here are the new fragrance categories to get on your radar.

The Eco Warrior

From sustainable packaging to botanical ingredients, the demand for au-natural beauty has extended from our skincare arsenal and into our fragrances. According to research by, 64% of shoppers will be looking to try vegan perfume this year. But whether you’re dairy-free or not, it’s time to put these cruelty-free, eco friendly fragrances the very top of your wish list…


The Millennial

Want a scent so intriguing – everyone will ask what you’re wearing? Welcome to the Millennial. Everything from their instagrammable packaging to their gender-neutral top notes, these gorgeous aromas are the cool scandi bloggers of the fragrance world.


The Updated Classic

If this was high-school, these would be the popular kids. They’re the timeless big namers that we’ve all been obsessed with at one time or another. Now they’ve had an upgrade: with chicer bottles and even more expensive smelling notes – these are fashion’s most coveted scents.


The Hidden Treasure

The high-street might not be your go-to destination when discovering a new fragrance: but hidden amongst some of our favourite fast-fashion are a whole host of niche scents. Plus, these undiscovered heroes offer an original fragrance you’re unlikely to smell on your friends, without the hefty price tag.


Now have a ‘nose’ through our gallery to find your ideal perfume partner.