The Best Parka Coats To Shop Now

If you’re looking for the best parka coat on the high street right now, it’s because you know that it’s the one wardrobe staple you will wear winter after winter.

Not only are they a super stylish way to beat the chill, we’ve spotted everyone worth their style salt including Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart wearing their own parka coat.

Add to that the fact that whether paired with jeans and a jumper on dress-down days, or a knitted bodycon frock and knee-high booties, your parka will look totally flawless, and there really is no reason to snap up your own.

On top of all that, the high street is chock-full of options for you to choose from, and we’ve put together our edit of the very best.

If it’s a statement-making number you’re after, look to Lily Lulu and Zara for bold colours and faux fur detail. New Look, H&M and Topshop, meanwhile, play host to a number of classic khaki, brown and black pieces that will go with anything and everything. Metallics, belts and drawstring effects will go a long way in the style stakes, too – and Next, Michelle Keegan at Lipsy and Marks & Spencer have all tapped into the trends. If you want to keep yours timeless, opt for a deep navy metallic, or a traditional brown with detachable waist belt.

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And you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to splash out on one of these beauties. Ranging from a measly £20 to £150 for something a little higher quality, you’ll barely notice the cash leaving your account – and for something you really will wear time and time again, we’d say that’s pretty good going. You know you want to – and we’re predicting a pretty short shelf-life. Happy shopping, ladies.