The Most Amazing Paris Fashion Moments Ever!

Paris fashion Week has finally arrived! And with that comes all the excitement from the city’s big designers. Paris rounds off fashion month in its usual Parisian flair. Attracting all the top dogs of fashion, from the biggest A listers, to the chicest fashionista’s and the who’s who of the street style trendsetters.

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It’s the city with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. From Dior, Channel and Brit favorite Stella McCartney. Paris never lets us down when it comes to its grand catwalk shows, which verge are always grand and verge on the theatrical side. But that’s what makes Paris what it is. What would Paris be without those jaw dropping shows shows, which leave everyone mesmerized and eager to jump on the Euro star for the best seats.

Chanel always wins the crown for its spectacular sets and for making a standpoint on social issues. Having had shows in mid air- we kid you not. To their Spring Summer ‘15 show where the models marched down the catwalk yielding pro feminist placards. Karl Lagerfeld also showed his support for marriage equality with his Chanel brides.

One of the most iconic Paris fashion moments has to be when Kate Moss walked the Louis Vuitton AW11 catwalk smoking, poking a tongue at the smoking ban. Valentino gave us a taste of the new Zoolander film with actors Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson walking the catwalk. From the sets to the FROWs Paris Fashion Week never leaves us brimming with excitement.

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From Naomi Campbell’s fall at Vivienne Westwood to Dior’s floral paradise catwalk, Paris just keeps giving us more and more amazing moments to look forward to. So lets toast the finale to fashion month with these amazing pics…