Detox Your Locks With Our Top 10 Cleansing Shampoos

We all love to detox our bodies, so why not detox your hair? From high street to high end, we have a range of cleansing shampoos for anyone to try.

Everyone loves the feeling of being clean, fresh and brand new, so let’s get your hair feeling the same. If you have extensions, it’s not the most pleasant experience having to wash, condition and blow dry your locks, but these cleansing shampoos are the perfect team mate and make that experience a whole lot better.

You can team any of the shampoos with their matching conditioner, your favourite conditioner or just use hair oil for a high shine finish.
Massage into your scalp to really clean and it will also stimulate hair growth, long luscious locks coming your way!

Try out some of our top clarifying shampoos to cleanse your tresses and get it feeling brand new again…