Nicole Scherzinger’s Amazing Fashion Evolution

Nicole Sherzinger sure knows how to flaunt what she’s got (and she’s got a lot to flaunt!). The ex-pussy cat doll is best known for her figure hugging outfits that show off that perfect hourglass figure. Whether it’s mini, midi or maxi, that girl knows how to rock it. Who didn’t look forward to a Saturday night in just to see what she was wearing when she was judging Xfactor?! Oh how we miss those days…

Sherzy certainly isn’t afraid of trying new things when it comes to style and going for things a bit racy and daring but it all seems to pay off as she has had some serious fashion highs recently.

Since her emotional split from Formula 1 super star Lewis Hamilton in February this year, the singer seems to be carrying on with life quite happily. Having celebrated her 37th Birthday in July with a big booze up with friends in Mykonos the pop star and her luscious locks seem to be moving on with life just fine. Well, show them what they’re missing and all that!

Whatever Nicole wears you can be sure it will show off her incredibly toned and slim figure and with a pert behind like hers, who wouldn’t hey?! She always appears immaculately turned out (no doubt there’s a super talented glam squad behind that) with her perfectly coiffed, effortless waves and flawless makeup.

All in all Nicole has been earning some serious style points recently and doesn’t seem to put a foot wrong (although she had some seriously dubious styling choices in the early days but who wants to be reminded of what they wore over 10 years ago?!).

We’ve rounded up her fashion highlights for you so we can all try and copy that uber sexy pussy cat doll look…