Nicholas Hoult: From Boy Next Door To Hollywood Star

Nicholas Hoult is one celebrity transformation we can’t stop talking about here at the Look headquarters.

When we think of the Hollywood star we cant help but remember him in one of his breakthrough role as Marcus Brewer. The blue-eyed bowl cut youngster in the hit film ‘About A Boy’. I mean who can forget his adorable beanie hats and those knitted cardies? Cuteness overload! Then Nicholas hit our Television screens as Tony In The hit teen drama Skins- which, lets be honest we all watched when growing up.

With Nicholas’s evolution from child actor to film star he showed the world his style credentials too. But the boy next door had officially taken a hike when he turned up at the 2009 premiere of ‘A Single Man’ at the Venice film festival. He was suited and booted in a black tuxe and looked every inch a Hollywood star!

The now 25-year-old Brit actor never fails to wow us with his great looks, especially his penchant for wearing amazing suites. And boy does he know how to rock them! One of our favourites has to be the burgundy Alexander McQueen suite he wore to the Mad Max premiere. He most definitely took the award for best dressed that night. He also ticked all the right boxes when he strutted his stuff at the 2015 MET gala, in a Tom ford blue blazer and bow tie.

He was also one part of Hollywood’s sweetheart couple, when he began dating Jennifer Lawrence, who he met whilst filming ‘X-Men’. All our hearts broke a little when they announced their split in 2014 after an on and off relationship.

We think Nicholas is here to stay, and with his epic portrayal as Nux in Mad Max is anything to go by, the world loves him just as much as we do. With his reprisal of his role as Beast in the newest installation of X-men, he is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact we think he’s just getting started. Nicholas Hoult is taking over the world people… #Britstyle.


By Victoria Adegboyega