The Best Instagrams Of The Met Gala 2016

Ah, the Met Gala. It’s an annual parade of superstars, super gowns and supermodels, occurring on the famous steps of the Met Museum in front of the world’s media. Held to celebrate the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s latest fashion exhibition, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the details of said exhibit each year, given the celebrity circus that takes place on those steps. Barely-there dresses, shady glances between A-listers, late arrivals; this red carpet has seen it all. But it’s what goes on behind the scenes that makes us most curious.

We see them arrive, we see them pose up a storm, we see them go inside, but WHAT exactly happens once those steps have been climbed? Given that tickets cost a whopping $25,000 for those not on the guest list (i.e. non celeb-type people), we imagine the most decadent, opulent, ridiculously Instagram-worthy party of all time. Who sits next to whom? What do they eat? Does anybody get drunk and disgrace themselves? WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH?

Past years have seen Cara, Kendall et al. snapping selfies in the toilets (!) and other Very Famous People generally showing us all what we’re missing at after parties and the like. We’ve come to expect a slew of Instagram posts documenting the preparation process, with many stars taking to social media to show off their outfits before hitting the red carpet.

Naturally, in an ideal world we’d want to see insider snaps documenting conversation between Kim and Kanye (do they discuss North’s bedtime routine? Or Kanye’s questionable outfit choices?) and maybe some evidence of dancefloor antics (does anybody dance at the after party?) Chances are this won’t happen, but you can bet your life that there’ll be a hoard of glamorous selfies for you to enjoy. You know you will.

So sit back and relax as you take a trip inside 2016’s Met Gala. We can promise (SPOILER ALERT) that you’ll see Karlie Kloss responding to a red wine spillage in the best possible way and Rita Ora and Beyonce directly responding to THOSE rumours. There were also glow-in-the-dark dresses. Honestly. It is the Met Gala, after all.