Justin Timberlake’s Worst Ever Outfits

When Justin hit the big time as one fifth of NSYNC, teenage girls all around the world lusted after the singer (us included). However, looking back at JT’s outfit choices from this era what we’ve realised is most of his sartorial decisions were pretty questionable -biggest understatement of the century. Oh how hindsight is a wonderful thing!

While in the nineties and early noughties Justin brought us banger after banger in the music department, Justin made mistake after mistake when it came to dressing himself.

Most notably is his weird obsession with wearing totally inappropriate sportswear. At many points it would seem he wanted people to think he was attempting to pursue a secondary career as a basketball player. Stick to the day job JT.

For pushing ten years it appears Justin did not leave the house without a hat on his head. His, let’s be honest here, hideous hat collection includes an awful selection of trilbies, beanies and baseball caps (obvs).

His wardrobe is also home to cringe-inducing pieces such as red velour tracksuit, turn up jeans, and a number of pinstriped waistcoats. Why Justin, why?

And we can’t fail to mention his love of a truly awful suit. For most men dressing up in a suit is a fail safe way to bag some style points, but for some reason Justin even manages to mess this one up (sorry Justin!). The controversial camel combo takes home the top prize in this category.

While Justin’s style has improved slightly over the years, he still repeatedly makes the worst dressed lists. Only last year he committed the ultimate fashion crime when he turned up to the iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing a horrifying, shiny blue suit. What was he thinking?

Click on through to see his collection of absolute shockers. Which is your all-time favourite?

P.s. We love you really, Justin!