Jessica Alba’s 7 Instagram Fitness Tips To Get Your Body Looking Summer Ready

Jessica Alba has the body we all want, but it hasn’t come easy. The actress and businesswoman, 33, is pretty much a fitness and diet guru in Hollywood and loves nothing more than sharing snaps of her workouts on Instagram – racking up an impressive 4.9 followers – and we’re hooked on her every move.

But shockingly, despite her fitness following, the star has admitted that she’s not the biggest gym fan: “I hate working out,” she said in a recent interview. “Any [exercise] where I can get my mind off of doing it, that’s so much better for me than anything that’s repetitive.” 

I like doing dance classes,” She added. ” Like hip hop class, mixed with like core pilates-type exercises.” 

Before you splash out on expensive classes though, we’ve rounded up Jess’s Insta-fitness tricks to set you on the right path to summer…

Drink Coconut Water

Jess prefers Zico Coconut Water, £2.10, which is said to be better than water at keeping the body hydrated post-workout. Plus it gives you glowing skin. We’re sold.

Try Kickboxing

The A-lister pummels her agression into a punch bag in Krav Maga; an ancient form of self-defense that includes kickboxing and boxing. Ouch.

Do Weights

Jess trains with weights to get definition in her arms, recommended by her trainer Omario Lopez.

Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

The mum of two makes sure she’s got plenty of fresh fruit and veg around after a class.

Style it Out

When it comes to fitness, Jess makes sure she looks amazing. We love her neon bright workout wardrobe.

Get Outdoors

Doing yoga outside invigorates your body and mind and Jessica likes to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D while she’s at it. 

The Early Bird

Jess trains at at around 5am every morning which is how she stays in such great shape despite her filming schedule. Working out early will boost your energy all day long, so set your alarm.