Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazing Fashion File

Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong when it comes to looking good, don’t you agree? This A lister always looks a million dollars. When has this lady ever had a bad day! She makes every outfit look so stunning every time and she has everyone totally crushing over her style.

We love J-Law for many reasons, especially her goofy sense of humor, I mean we all remember that nail biting moment when Jen went to accept her first Oscar and fell up the stairs. Jen being jen took it so well and managed to laugh it off. Well if you’re going to take a tumble might as well do it in style, right?

Jen’s go to red carpet designer is Dior, and she is currently the reigning Queen of most worn Dior dresses, in counting. She wowed everyone with her marathon run of glamorous dresses during awards season and her Hunger Games promo tour. The knock out dress, and believe us there are many, has to be her risqué sheer structured floor length Dior dress she wore to the LA premiere of the Hunger Games. She styled the dress with a black bandeau body and a wide set belt and clutch #flawless.

Another favorite look was the floor length gold dress J-Law wore to the  Paris premiere is one of the few outfits that broke her Dior dedication, temporarily that is. The backless gold Tom Ford dress made the star look show stopping in true Hollywood fashion.

And we can’t get over the amazing hair transformations Jennifer has had either. She has gone from dramatic long raven coloured ‘locks’ to a ‘bob’, from a ‘Lob’ to a ‘fringe’. Lets just say she has had every haircut in the book- and looks great for it at anytime!

We love J-Law’s stylathon, and we don’t think she is going to slow down anytime soon either. Not that we mind! #teamj-law!