#PoolPorn: Instagram’s Sexiest Swimming Pools

The best festivals are over, summer’s looking a bit wet and we can’t help but find ourselves looking out the window wishing we were in Ibiza or Miami. Feeling the same? We hear ya.

As the rain continues to fall here in Blighty Look can’t help but dream of sunnier shores, long lazy festival days and impending summer hols. But when it comes to holidays abroad, no vacation is complete without factor 50, an incredible hotel and of course an awesome swimming pool. How else can you take the perfect poolside selfie?

So we’ve found the perfect tea-break time waster to keep your summer spirit alive…. Enter our #poolporn gallery. We’ve rounded up our favourite destination pools, just in case you need some inspiration before you confirm your next break. Whether round or rectangular, thin or fat, this is our definitive selection of the best of the best. As in, best for working up a sweat if you fancy doing laps or the best pool with a view. Because scenery is everything, right?

We’re totally obsessed with the roof top pool in Marina Bay Sand. Mostly because we’ve not seen a turquoise pool like it. And it’s in Singarpore which is like, the hottest place to visit RN. Our other fave is the double-tiered infinity pool at the Ayana resort in Bali. Surrounded by vast tropical gardens it’s where we’ll be booking into for a holiday – just because of that river-shaped swimming pool.

Yes, we know we’re being pretty intense but this is ideal afternoon escapism at its best and you’ll thank us just as soon as you click through. In short, take your summer blues and swap them for these azure hues and start planning your next pool party.

By Sarah Barlow