Best Hair Extensions: From Clip-Ins To Tapes

Whether you want mega lengths or va-va-volume, we've got the extensions for you...

Finding the best quality hair extensions for you (and your budget) isn’t always easy. And with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Shay Mitchell showing off XXL lengths, we’ve never been more in the market to try out extensions. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, here’s what you need to know…

Best Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions: Aka your quick-fix, for the commitment-shy.

Clip-in hair extensions are eaaaaaasy. Simply section off the top half of your hair then clip in the extensions and let the rest of your hair loose. For a serious volume boost go for Beauty Works Clip-In Weft, from £85. Or we also love Hair Rehab London’s Original Clip-in extensions, from £99.99. These come with various sized wefts that can be strategically placed to give you added volume where you want it. Disguise clips further by spraying the root with a temporary root concealer, which will help to blend the extension naturally into your hair. We like the L’Oreal Magic Retouch Root Touch-Up, £8.99

best hair extensions

Best Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a fairly new addition to the hair extension world, but are perfect for first time wearers wanting extra length or volume. They are super speedy to apply (they can literally be applied in your lunch break) and last for 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks, you can get them removed in salon and reuse the hair up to three times. Each weft of hair is attached to the root by a hypoallergenic sticky tab – that lies flat on the hair, without pulling or damaging the hair follicle.

Our deputy beauty editor Chloe tried out the Great Lengths GL Tapes at Hershesons, and loves them.

Best Permanent Hair Extensions

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

This is the option that just keeps on giving. The extension is attached to your own hair using a metal ring. It’s fed through a tiny ring along with your own hair, then clamped in place just below your roots. Like tapes, once the hair begins to grow out, it can simply be moved back up the strand to the root. This means you don’t have to invest in new hair every time.

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Sewn-In Hair Extensions

Aka a weave. This is when your own hair is tightly braided along your scalp in rows, and then a weft of hair extensions is sewn along the braid. The hair itself can last for around 6 months, but you have to go back to your Stylist every 4 weeks to get the braids tightened.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

These extensions come with a bond attached to the top of the hair extension. Brands like Beauty Works and Great Lengths have keratin formulas that help to protect your own hair. The extensions are placed against the roots then the bond is heated, melting the adhesive to your own hair. They can last longer than other extensions, usually around 3-4months, with maintenance appointments every couple of months to keep hair looking flawless.

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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost? 

It’s difficult to pin down an exact cost for long-term hair extensions. That’s because it varies on a lot of different things. Everything from where in the UK you live, which brand of hair extensions you choose and how much your Stylist charges to fit can affect the price. At London’s Vixen & Blush salon prices start from £300 for a quarter head of extensions. Where as Hershesons prices start at £150 – and depend on how many you need to put in.

If you’re thinking about taking going for hair extensions… here are our favourite spots where you can guarantee a perfect finish:

Urban Retreat at Harrods is where resident hair extension expert, Bradley King, specialises in all types of hair extension methods, so you’re guaranteed to find the right ones for you.

Vixen & Blush is a specialist hair extension salon that make custom-blend bonded and micro-ring hair extensions in-house.

Hershesons Great Lengths Tapes start from £150, which includes a consultation, colour match and fitting.

Still not sure which extensions are right for you? We’ve rounded up some of our faves… whether you want length, volume or a sky-high ponytail. Swipe through our gallery to find which is right for you here…