Fringes: Your A-List Inspiration

Want an instant update for your hairstyle? A fringe is ‘the’ shortcut to refreshing your look and defining your face.

Whether you choose a blunt fringe, long fringe or side fringe, going for the snip could be the best thing you ever do.

Fringes work well with all hair types and lengths. You just need to find your perfect bangs.

Tempted? Our number one fringe crush Taylor Swift shows that even fringes for fine hair can be super-flattering. Taylor keeps hers choppy so it can be worn straight or pushed to one side.

The Kardashian clan are also fringe fans, with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe AND Kylie all rocking fringes in the past.

Want to know the hottest 2015 fringe style? Look to our forever fringe crushes Suki Waterhouse, Daisy Lowe and Zooey Deschanel. All three work a slightly retro vibe with peekaboo Sixties-inspired fringes.

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This style is ideal if you’re less committed to a bold, blunt look.

Fringes for round faces can help elongate your face. Just adjust the width so that there are longer pieces graduating at each side.

If you’re feeling indecisive, ease yourself into a fringe gradually with a long, sweeping fringe. Adding a layer will frame your face if you style feels a bit flat.

Still not convinced? Experiment with a ‘winge’ aka a fringe wig. You can buy blunt, feathered, long or short clip-in fringe styles that match up with your own colour.

Simply clip in securely and see if it suits your face. To make your winge look more realistic, pull pieces of your own hair around the fringe piece so it’s blended seamlessly.

Head for the hairdressers chair if you need some advice and inspiration. A good professional can give you the lowdown on the fringe that best suits your current style and hair type.

Check out the best celebrity fringes here for hairspiration…