Ear Piercings: 21 Fresh New Ideas

From tragus to daith piercings - we've got all the ear piercing inspo you'll ever need

Ear piercings are having a major moment and the coolest way to work the trend is by mix and matching single studs and hoops. So the more holes you’ve got, the more effective the look. Capiche?

But there’s no need to rush off to your nearest piercing parlour in a panic; Asos’s wear-anywhere ear cuffs or Claire’s clip on hoops are a great alternative if you don’t fancy punching any more holes in your cartilage.

If you are however considering another ear-embellishment then why not follow in the footsteps of the fash pack who are all getting pierced with dainty and delicate high-end jewellery. Yup, gone are the days of chunky steel hoops with a fugly ball bearing fastening, this summer is all about luxe lobes. Jewellery designer and piercer to the stars, Maria Tash, may have something to do with it. She’s pierced everyone from Beyonce to Gwyneth using her own body jewellery line, Venus. If the piercing itself didn’t hurt her celeb fans then the bill might have done; her earrings can cost anything up to the region of $23k! Ouch!

For something a little more realistic check out BVLA aka Body Vision Los Angeles – a range of luxury body jewellery that’s now being used by many top piercers as their weapon of choice across a number of stores and boutiques in the UK including London’s Love Hate Social Club. These jewels will set you back about £60 but seeing as they mostly feature high quality metals, semi-precious stones and even diamonds we can kinda see why!

For those of you wanting to work with what you’ve already got take a visit to Dinny Hall – here you can browse a tonne of statement studs all sold separately with mix and matching in mind. We’re sold!