Donna Karan And DKNY’s Best Fashion Moments

Donna Karan made the announcement fashion fans had been dreading for months as she confirmed that she is officially leaving DKNY after 31 years at the helm.

With such a drastic change happening to one of the world’s most iconic brands, this is definitely the end of a particular era for American fashion. From ’90s supermodels to her trademark sharp suit jackets, we have watched some incredible fashion moments courtesy of Ms Donna Karan, so we are celebrating what she did for the brand and the most fabulous DKNY moments we have ever experienced.

From Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss, the ’90s saw DKNY secure the most famous and beautiful faces strut their stuff on the catwalk. Naomi Campbell’s moment in silky blue has to be one of the most iconic moments we ever saw on a Donna Karan-designed catwalk as the stunning model worked her low-cut jumpsuit like no one else ever could.

But it wasn’t just in the ’90s that DKNY secured the biggest stars. Just last season, Kendall Jenner walked for Donna Karan alongside the likes of Karlie Kloss during New York Fashion Week, proving that the designer never lost her power to pull in the biggest supermodels even three decades after the brand began.

When it came to creating showstopping adverts, Donna Karan never fell short. Most DKNY campaigns were photographed by Peter Lindbergh and had a quality that will forever keep them in fashion history as some of the best ads we ever saw.

We’re pretty certain that DKNY will never lose it’s iconic status and will continue to create the same waves in the fashion industry despite Donna’s departure. We will, however, truly miss the amazing designer! So take a look back at the best moments with us!

By Amy de Klerk