Couples Tattoos That Won’t Make You Gag (Promise)

Choosing a tattoo for yourself is hard work enough, let alone choosing an etching that both you and your partner will sport. 

Couples tattoos are fast becoming one of the most sentimental (not to mention most-Instagrammable) ways to show your love for your partner, with celebs like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince (RIP) and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spearheading the couple inking trend. 

Whether you’re into geometric, cartoonish or nature-inspired tatts, we’ve found the perfect couples tattoos for every pairing. 

How about cementing your relationship status by having the lyrics of ‘young song’ etched on your forearm? Fans of Harry Potter? We’ve got a couple of options for that too! Seriously, we’ve got all the couples tattoo bases covered… 

Take a look through our couples tattoos gallery – we guarantee you’ll find an option to suit you (and your partner too, obvs!)