Celebrity Waxworks: The Best And Worst

Celebrity waxworks never fail to give us a LOL, which is why we’ve rounded up our all-time favourites for you to enjoy with us.

Creating a waxwork is quite the talent – we can’t even imagine how long it takes to make a lifesize 5’11” David Beckham – but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they all turn out like you think they would.

Obviously, Madame Tussauds reigns supreme when it comes to celebrity waxworks.

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Some of their lookalike statues are so lifelike it’s damn right creepy – Sam Smith and Taylor Swift? They totally nailed it.

In fact, Ed Sheeran liked his doppleganger so much that he even papped a selfie with it. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? And Pharrell Williams clearly wanted to be BFFs with his waxy twin, as he only went and styled it up specially with his favourite Vivienne Westwood hat. Too cool for school.

One of the museum’s latest additions, Kim Kardashian and Kanye, couldn’t be more accurate if it tried. Kim getting her selfie on in skintight bodycon whilst Kanye stares nonchalantly on in the background? Yep, looks like Kimye to us.

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However, there are times when waxworks don’t quite pan out. And the results can be fairly horrifying.

Poor Victoria Beckham was blessed with a rather unfortunate bowl cut for her appearance in a waxwork museum in Great Yarmouth. And we don’t even know what to say about Prince Williams’ over-powdered face (although props for those super long lashes).

And last but not least, there’s Kylie and Jason. Those browss, that hair, those hands… There are no words.