Celebrity Transformations You Have To See Now

Celebrity transformations. We all love them.

Whether a star has changed their hair, mixed up their trademark make-up or gone through a total body makeover, it’s always fascinating to see their new look.

Some VIPs are practically unrecognisable when you compare their current appearance to how they were when they first came to fame.

They may have visited the dentist, hired a personal trainer, teamed up with an incredible hairdresser or taken tips from a stylist.

Maybe all of the above – and more!

But whatever they’ve done, it’s pretty impressive.

We know what you’re thinking. Amazing celebrity transformations are easy for those in the public eye to achieve. But that’s not always the case.

Plenty of the famous faces in our gallery have put in some serious work to get to where they are now. And we applaud them.

They will have had to make some major lifestyle changes and are likely to have spent a gruelling amount of hours working out in the gym.

Think squats, push-ups, running, skipping, weights… we could go on. Plus, there’s all the upkeep they’ll need to continue with afterwards.

Other stars have managed to reinvent themselves in a more simple way. Isn’t it amazing the difference a new beauty regime or haircut can make?!

Even finding the right clothes to perfectly flatter their figure can make a real change. After working out what’s best for them, these celebs get it right *every* day.

Don’t forget – it’s not just ladies who’ve completely revamped their looks. A number of guys’ makeovers have been just as dramatic.

You actually won’t believe what some of your most-fancied men used to look like.

Thought they’d always had rippling muscles, an incredible fashion sense and thatsexy swagger. Think again.

Read on to see all our favourite celebrity transformations…