28 Seriously Amazing Celebrity Prom Photos

Prom is a right of passage for all American teenagers. A party to mark the end of high school and an excuse to dress up and celebrate finally graduating – prom is a BIG deal. Growing up in the UK we looked on longingly as prom sagas played out in TV shows and movies, and secretly wishing we could emigrate.

Just like the ordinary American teenager, celebrities also went to prom – and thanks to the wonder of the Internet, a number of their prom photos have surfaced.

Prom photos are a big part of prom. In an era before selfies or Instagram – when your parents or an official photographer would snap your only pics of the night – photos were even more important.

Looking back at the prom photos of some of our fave celebrities is a serious blast from the past. Seeing the A-list in their awkward teenage stage before Hollywood came calling is pure gold. This is the celebs at their most inccocent. Miley before wrecking ball, Lindsay pre the DUIs, and Britney prior to a certain headshave. And gosh these pics cringe.

From Kim Kardashain to Brad Pitt – we’ve never seen such a gloriously awkward collection of photos.

While it’s the celebs we’re looking at in these pics, let’s all take a moment to think about the other halves in these photos. Do you think Jennifer Aniston’s date has their prom photo framed on his mantelpiece? Surely George Clooney’s prom companion is still reeling out the story of her A-list prom experience at dinner parties? Wherever these exes are now we really hope they are milking it for all it’s worth…