Celebrity Hairstyles You’ll Want To Copy

Celebrity hairstyles – admit it, you suffer from serious A-list hair envy on a daily basis. Who doesn’t? We’re currently loving the bronde, as seen on Jessica Alba, and sleek, simple down do’s, just like Kourtney Kardashian at New York Fashion Week. Whether you fancy it up or down we have some inspiration on here for everything.

We’ve loved Kylie’s mix of all dfferent colours, from the pink to the blue to green and have picked up some serious hairpsiration from her instagram! Also we’re loving all the other Kardashians hairstyles, including Caitlyn’s fabulous brunette, shiny, constantly-blow-dried locks. 

Since New York Fashion Week, we’ve had a few moments where we’ve kind of wished we had the time to change our hair style every single day, instead of just throwing it on top of our heads the moment before we walk ot the door. There were just so many quirky styles we fell in love with. Hailey Baldwin shows us how to rock the short hair, and the likes of Gigi Hadid show us how to look efortlessly cool with beach-style waves. The KArdahsians shiny locks just give us serious hair envy whenever we see them and Victoria Beckham’s ponytail had us scrabbling through our handbags for a bobble.

Some days you just dont have the time to wash your hair and you’ve ran out of your Batiste, but do not fear, because in this gallery we have a style that will sort out ANY bad hair day- and yes we mean ANY! No matter what colour your hair, whether its dry, frizzy, greasy, long, short, fringe, no fringe, coloured, natural. There’s always something that suits you to a T.

So, whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s sleek tresses or Olivia Palermo’s golden chestnut waves that have got you hooked, check out our round-up of the best hairstyles in celebville right now. We can already hear you speed-dialling your hairdresser…