Plaits: Get Your Celebrity Inspiration Here

Want to switch up your hair? Try a plait.

Yep. Braids are the simplest way to give yourself a whole new look without having to visit the hairdresser. There’s no dying, cutting or – and this is *very* exciting – blow-drying involved.

Interested? We can see why. And after seeing these celebrity pictures, you’ll want to rock a hair plait even more.

These styles can give you a real boho look, especially when they’re tied loosely. Let a few tendrils frame your face for a super-girlie style. Cameron Diaz’s one-sided bouffant is the perfect example of this.

Fishtail braids are the ideal way to give your outfit a hippy twist. Start off with one flowing down your back before experimenting with pigtails.

But plaits don’t always have to look ethereal. In fact, some stars have really nailed giving their outfits an edgy twist by accessorising with one.

Have you SEEN Rihanna?! Her 70s-inspired patterned trousers and blue choker combo are totally transformed by her firmly-gripped mane. Then there’s Khloe Kardashian. Her cornrows perfect the sports luxe style.

If you’re a gym-goer, we’d suggest taking another look at Khloe’s hair. By twisting it into two tight braids, she ensures it’s completely off her face. This means there’ll be no strands in her eyes while she runs on the treadmill – and no awkward sweat situations.

Khloe’s mane also shows how cool French plaits can look. Although these are a little trickier to achieve, they’ll stay in place all day.

If you want to incorporate a hair plait into your down ‘do, give a halo braid a go. Erin Heatherton’s piled-high bouffant is the ideal inspiration.

Still not convinced? Just take a click through our gallery. You’ll *so* stand out from the crowd with one of these awesome plaited hairstyles…