Celebrity Bridesmaids And The Dresses You Just Have To See

Your best friend chooses you to be one of her bridesmaids; cue relentless shopping trips and Google searches for that perfect dress that’s both flattering and subtle. You want to look alluring, but without upstaging the bride, obviously.

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A tricky situation for anyone, we’re sure you’ll agree. Particularly difficult, however, when you happen to be an A-list celebrity trying not to upstage the main lady. Oh yes, even the most famous celebs on the planet have ‘normal’ friends, too. Normal friends who get married, and need their BFF to hold their train.

Which is where these famous faces have come in handy, from Rihanna and Beyonce to Michelle Keegan and Kate Bosworth; all have demonstrated the perfect bridesmaid etiquette, starting with their dresses. And with wedding season almost upon us, it’s the perfect time for us to round up our favourite celebrity bridesmaids to give you some serious inspo.

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If you want to stick to classic hues then follow in the footsteps of the princess of pop herself, Rihanna. She toned down her show stopping style and instead wore a chiffon, embroidered lilac Badgley and Mischka SS14 dress for her assistant, Jennifer Morales’ recent Hawaiian nuptials. Of course, we were treated to snapshots of the wedding thanks to RiRi’s Instagram feed.

Beyonce rightly lived up to her Queen B status by almost upstaging her mum’s celebrations, wearing a plunging white lace dress with a floral hair accessory. And Bey is not the only celeb to break the bridesmaid code; Michelle Keegan was the lady in red when she wore a show-stopping scarlet floor-sweeper to her step-sister’s wedding. Not to forget the ever-stylish Kate Bosworth and supermodel Naomi Campbell, who both broke the rules by wearing black, full-length dresses to their BFF’s weddings.

So whether you want to throw a style curveball or play it safe, these celebrity bridesmaid dresses have just what you need…

By Victoria Adegboyega