The Photos Celebrities Wish We’d Forget

Ever wondered what our favourite super polished celebrities looked like back in the day? Well, now we know.

They might have tonnes of money, wardrobes full of designer clothes and a dentist on tap now, but rewind back to those teenage days, and these celebrities were just as dorky and confused as the rest of us. Well, most of them…

Lets’s start with Jessie J. As a pop star, she’s instantly recognisable thanks to those jet black locks and that fierce red pout. But at age 14, she was simply a sweet-looking teen with a classic shoulder flick cut and sweeping side-fringe. Butter wouldn’t melt!

Emma Watson is a similar story – from pretty, fresh-faced teen with a love of jeans and florals to Misha Nonoo jumpsuits and Dior blazers in just a matter of years, it’s been quite the transformation for this Harry Potter star.

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And then there was Angelina Jolie. At 19, it was clear she was going to be a star – check out that picture-perfect smoulder! Saucy.

But it’s not just the ladies who were virtually unrecognisable as teens. While he may be a total heartthrob now, David Beckham was just another cheeky chappy with blonde curtains bowling around the football pitch when he was young lad. Naw!

Prince William back in 1998 was a total dish, all thick tufty hair and rosy cheeks, while Lewis Hamilton has been busy freaking us out with his teenage picture as he looks EXACTLY THE SAME.

Seriously, what moisturiser does that guy use?

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