All The Caroline Flack Outfits We Wish We’d Worn

Caroline Flack has been impressing us in the style stakes ever since she joined the Xtra Factor as a bubbly host alongside Olly Murs. 

She’s fun, fashionable and cool, but most of all, she’s the kind of girl you could totally imagine going down the pub with. And that is precisely why we love her.  

And, of course, we can’t go without mentioning those amazing legs. Because when it comes to dressing for her body (and flaunting her hottest assets), Caroline’s got it nailed.

Like most of us, the 34-year-old definitely has her fashion favourites, but she’s also not afraid to mix it up every now and then. Jeans and a tee in the day and a one-strap jumpsuit by night? Why not!

In fact, she’s taught us a thing or two when it comes to picking the perfect combo. For example, shorts and a blazer? A total must! Just make sure you buff and tan those pins first, mind…  

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And that’s not all. Caroline is a lady who likes to recycle her hero pieces, which is why she invests in classic, timeless buys like the trench coat that can be worn over and over again. Savvy shopping, lady. 

Another thing Flackers consistently falls for? A bit of leopard print. Whether it’s a coat, a clutch or a pair of courts, Cazza is a pro at adding a hit of animal print to her outfits to really pack a punch. 

And when it comes to colour, Caroline is all for going bold. From royal blue suits to hot pink leather frocks, this presenter always ensures she stands out from the crowd. 

Here are all the times Caroline Flack looked ah-mazing…