Carey Mulligan’s Chic Fashion File

When it comes to fashion, Carey Mulligan has it nailed.

The British actress always looks perfect, whether she’s at a glitzy red carpet event or simply going about her day-to-day life.

One of the things we love most about Carey is that she’s so classic. She always totally perfects timeless chic.

When she’s at a glamorous bash, the gorgeous star generally chooses simple cuts, such as A-line, flapper or empire. However, she often add a modern twist.

Although she’s clearly a huge fan of monochrome, she also mixes things up with cute patterns, funky colours, teasing cut-outs and interesting textures.

Being Carey Mulligan, she obviously pulls off *everything* she tries. Not that we’re jealous or anything…

There’s another traditional trend that Carey has sported quite a few times – but it’s not what you’d expect. In fact, it’s actually a masculine one.

Carey has donned numerous tuxedos and trouser suits for Hollywood dos. And she always works them ah-mazingly.

And when she cut her locks short in 2008, her androgynous ensembles only ended up looking more fierce.

We can also always rely on Carey for a girlie outfit. Think floor-sweeping gowns, cute minis and sweet skater skirts.

As well as wowing us at premieres and star-studded parties, Carey knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to off-duty fashion.

Obviously she’s completely gorge, so it’s easy for her to make casual clothes look fantastic. But she also makes some really clever choices.

There’s tailored trousers, statement jackets and cosy knits in her wardrobe. And we love ’em all.

Perhaps what most impresses us most about both Carey’s low-key and nighttime looks is her use of accessorising. She can really make an outfit pop with a hat, scarf or jewellery.

Not sure which of Carey Mulligan’s fashion looks you’re crushing on the most? Read on for our ultimate faves…