Cara hits the studio to perform an acoustic cover with pal Will Heard

Cara Delevingne’s Secret Busking Hobby Revealed!

Cara Delevingne has been busking on the streets and trains of London to flex her vocal talents and so far hasn’t been recognised by a soul, her singer/songwriter pal Will Heard reveals.

Yep, as well as being Britain’s most sought after supermodel, best pals with the coolest kids in fashion and an upcoming movie star, the pow browed beauty also has a cracking singing voice, don’t you know!

Check out this video (below) of her and Will’s acoustic cover of Klangkarrussell – Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine) if you don’t believe us. We got goosebumps!

And it seems she’s taking this singing malarky pretty seriously, too – the 21-year-old Burberry model and pal Will have been jamming together in public to get Cara used to performing to a crowd, and have so far managed to escape being mobbed/papped/identified. Er, was she wearing a balaclava?

“We don’t want to be recognised, but we love freestyling in the street and on trains and no one knows it’s her”, Will confessed to The Mirror. “Cara’s good at remembering songs, and we freestyle in the street, sing harmonies, stand in a circle with mates and have a jam.”

“Whoever wants can join in, we move around, do it on the train, down little streets, wherever, and it’s just natural”, he added.

So, next time you see a skinny blonde female busker on the street just do a double take just to check it’s not Miss D…

By Robyn Munson

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