15 Side Boob Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Once you have made that decision to get a tattoo it’s tricky enough trying to decide what tattoo to get, let alone where to have it right?! One body part that seems to be trending on our Instagram feeds right now is the side boob.

Whether it’s a subtle inking on your hip bone or perhaps a statement tatt on your back, there are just too many decisions to make when it comes to choosing what body part to get inked. After all it is something that will stay with you forever… So why not take inspiration from the likes of Rita Ora or RiRi and get a side boob tattoo?

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From tiny aeroplanes to miniature pineapples there are some seriously cute inkings out there.  If teeny designs aren’t your thing and you would prefer something more attention-grabbing like Rita then why not get a statement flower or even a giant seahorse? You could even get something a bit more personal to you like a meaningful date or sentimental quote.

We have trawled through endless Instagram accounts to find you the best side boob tatts to give you some serious tattoo inspo.  Whatever your inking style, we guarantee there is something for you in our hand-picked selection.  So before you rush out to get your ink done, take a peek at some of our favourite designs we have chosen just for you…