Best Shampoos For Coloured Hair: LOOK’s Faves

We all know dying our hair whether it’s highlights, balayage or ombré, for the first time or the hundredth is a highly anticipated event that we want to make last for as long as possible! One of the best and easiest ways to do this, is with a shampoo designed for coloured hair. Unlike normal shampoos these boost the pigment of your newly coloured locks to stop it from fading, and ensure that any damage caused in the process is healed and cared for. What’s more is they protect you from everyday damage that’s hard to avoid such as heat exposure from straighteners, or just the sun (even if there’s not much of it for now!)

Using a shampoo for coloured hair will ensure your new tresses treatment stays vibrant and glossy for that much longer and gives it the best possible chance of looking healthy and shiny- #hairgoals!

The key is to look for sulfate free shampoos when hitting the aisles, as this is one of the harsher chemicals guilty of stripping out dye and leaving us looking washed out and dull. A softer more gentle shampoo like those included in our list of fave’s keep your hair nourished as well as protecting the colour that you so carefully chose and splashed the cash on.

They may seem like quite a step up from what you’d normally be willing to spend on a shampoo, but just think of it as an extension to the treatment and a way to really get your money’s worth while caring for your hair at the same time. A little goes a long way with these beauties so remember that “‘size of a 10p coin” advice your hairdresser always gives you and we normally ignore and after that, happy dyeing!


By Lia Jordan.