15 Sale Steals We Can’t Believe Got Marked Down

Get ready to scoop a massive fashion bargain on the high street thanks to our edit of the best sale picks to buy now. From Topshop to ASOS, it’s time to get shopping!

Our three wishes for you are this:

1 – Don’t over buy or splurge on something that’s not really ‘you’ for the sake of it. Impulse buying can be fun, but snapping up that hot pink dress that’s 50% off when you hate pink is not a bargain. Neither is buying those shoes you’ve been lusting after for a month that are a size too small. Trust us, you won’t wear them. Know what works for you, choose wisely, be true to your style and plan head. Research what pieces you want and stick to it.

2 – Go alone. Yes, we all love a Saturday shopping, gossiping and lunching with our girls. But sales shopping is not the time to be social. First up, a fellow shopper will be a distraction. Telling you about her awful date last night will be too intriguing for you to not give your full attention to Zara’s amazing sale! Plus, you can keep all the best buys for yourself. It’s dog eat dog on the shop floor after all. Leave the catch up till post shopping cocktails.

3 – Shop online. Not up for handbags at dawn? Save your elbows the battle and click and collect from the comfort of your sofa. Sale shopping has never been so easy.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you in the queue.

Ready, set…… SHOP.