Best Running Shoes: The LOOK Edit

Any kind of high intensity sports training calls for the very best running shoes. Fact.

If you are about to embark on any kind of long distance althletic training, then it’s absolutely essential that you get the right trainers for your feet and activity. Marathons, half marathons, 10ks – all of these races, not matter how fast or slow your pace is, will take their toll on your feet, so much so that it’s ALWAYS advisable to a) consult a podiatrist, and b) get your gait analysed at a specialist running store, to ensure that you are buying the right kind of running shoe for the distance you are about to run.

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Now, we know that sounds a bit scary and technical, but it really isn’t. Many large running stores offer this service for free, plus retailers like Runner’s World have a huge selection of brands in-store to pick from. Nike also offer a bespoke Run Analysis in their larger stores – a personalised consultation to help identify and correct any gait problems you may be experiencing.

It 100% goes without saying that you can’t put a price on your feet, and we’ll admit that buying a pair of decent running shoes isn’t a cheap affair. However, if you consider the amount of mileage you’ll be racking up in those babies, it really doesn’t make sense to cut corners. Running long distances in poor quality shoes can not only cause injury, but can also affect your posture – and no one wants that right?

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So, we’ve hand-picked some of the best runnning shoes out there for you to take a look at – but again, these are suggestions to give you an idea about all the great styles available. If you are one of those lovely people out there considering a marathon, then get yourself down to your nearest specialist sports store for a proper consultation before making a purchase.

Until then, happy running!