The Best Pool Inflatables To Buy Now

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s practically illegal to go on holiday without a blow-up swan to accompany you this summer. In fact, we’d probably go as far as saying that they’re officially this season’s hottest fashion accessory. Don’t believe us? Well, 1) you’ve been living under a rock, or 2) you don’t have Instagram. Anyway, if popular culture isn’t enough to sway you, here’s exactly why you need an inflatable swan in your life…

1. They make for the perfect sunbathing spot. Yep, you don’t necessarily need a pool – fix your swan up anywhere in the garden and let the tanning commence.

2. Taylor Swift has one.

3. Rihanna has one.

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4. Okay, we could go on, but to sum things up, practically everyone who is anyone has an inflatable swan. And that’s enough for us…

5. They’ll become your best pal. You can talk to them, feed them, stroke them… Hell, we’ll even be dressing ours up (they double as fabulous clothes horses, we’ll have you know). Perhaps you’ll even give yours a pet name. Here Swanny, Swanny…

6. You can serve food on them. Whether you’ve got a pool or not, they’re the perfect stand for Pimms pitchers and canapés. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have a pool, it means you won’t even have to leave the water for your snacks. Because who needs that hassle?!

7. You can pot plants in them. Providing they aren’t the ring type floats, you can use the inflatable swan’s (for want of a better term) ‘butt hole’ to grow your very own flowers. Extra pretty points. 

8. You get to act like a child again. If ever there was a time you’re allowed to act like a child and get away with it, it’s aboard an inflatable swan. Take this as permission.