Best Beauty Blenders

Looking for the best way to apply your makeup?

While our fingers may be our best tools, when it comes to applying makeup, and especially on the go, sometimes our fingers aren’t the best choice. I mean, foundation stained pinkies are not a good look…

Unless you wash your hands beforehand and lets be honest, if on a train or at your desk that ain’t gonna happen! Using your fingers to apply your foundation or concealer is literally like asking for spots to appear on your face. Think about all those germs!

This is where sponge blenders come in. The official BeautyBlender by Ren Ann Silva may have been the first to break the fourth wall of liquid makeup application but since its launch in 2003 (yes, really!) it’s developed a mass following. Now it seems a sponge blender is the necessity of many big makeup brands in the game.

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Not only are sponge blenders ah-mazing for giving you complete, weightless coverage, they also act as oil blotters and are perfect for in-between touch ups. Goodbye oil stained tissues, we can now perspire in style.

Make sure you clean your blenders with a gentle cleanser and water every two to four weeks and if you’re using it daily, replace after three months.

From bright and bold to nude and minimal, there is a makeup blender for everyone…

By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak