Best Make-Up Removers: The LOOK Edit

Trying to find the best make-up remover can be tricky, you want a wonder water that’ll sweep away all that dirt and grime in just a flash. After all, taking your make-up off shouldn’t be the worst part of your day! Yep, removing make-up doesn’t have to be a routine we detest, and this list of top 10 make-up removers will show you why. We’ve rounded up some of our faves when it comes to getting rid of stubborn mascara, a matte lippy or a layer of flawless foundation. If you’re looking for a quick fix, wipes are not the answer! These will help you achieve super speedy removal that will get you into bed in no time.

Our top tips for makeup removal are to be careful when pouring product onto cotton wipes, don’t soak the pad so that it’s wet all the way through, this will just lead to lots of mess and liquid in your eye.  Instead keep applying as you need, less is always more! Also avoid simply wiping the pad over your eye and dragging quickly, instead hold the cotton pad over your eyelids allowing the eye makeup to dissolve, then wipe away. Note, oils are particularly good for removing long-lasting eye makeup. Make sure you’re thorough, reaching even the outeredges of your face up by your hairline which we tend to forget and can leave us with nasty makeup build up causing blemishes. Last but not least, remember to massage down onto the neck too making sure you’ve covered all makeup coated areas.

There’s really no excuses, we’ve sussed the perfect product for all your makeup removal needs and laid them out for you so there’s no need to do any searching – you’re welcome!

Lia Jordan