Best Lip Primer: The Top 10

Any girl who is lipstick obsessed (that’s most of us right?) will know the struggles that come with how to keep your lipstick on all day long. But the answer? By investing in the best lip primer your money can buy.


Most people’s lips aren’t perfect, but a lip primer is the best way to not only stop your lipstick bleeding, but to get the most out of your long lasting lipstick.  


And they all serve different purposes, too – what’s the best primer for chapped lips? Or the best lip primer for dry lips? Is the MAC lip primer really the holy grail of all lip primers? Well, with so many lip primer reviews out there, let us help with our ultimate guide…


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Matte lipsticks, which are seriously in, in case you didn’t know, are our personal favourite, but they are especially bad when it comes to drying out your lips and leading to lipstick cracks. This is where the best primers for matte lipsticks comes in…


Yep, just when you thought there were already a thousand beauty prep products you needed to think about, turns out this one is seriously important. FYI Kylie Jenner is obsessed with them and makes sure she applies one before her lipstick every time! So what do lip primers do?


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Well for starters they help to plump your pout – a major plus for anyone, right. They also help to keep your lips soft and moisturised without being greasy like a lip balm, which is a nono for under your lipstick. They work, well, like a primer, which means they also smooth out and fill in the cracks in your lips, stopping your lip colour from bleeding or setting into cracks.


All in all, they are a must have as a base for any and every lip product out there, and with so many to choose from – from MAC’s Lip Primer, to Stila’s Plumping Primer, we’ve sussed out the ones that really work the best. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you grab some of these pout perfectors and we can guarantee you’ll be thanking us later.