Best Heat Protection Spray: Tried And Tested

Are you 100% addicted to your tongs? Can you live a day without your straighteners? If you’re a total styling-tool-addict it’s time you took note. Styling your hair damages it. We know that, of course we do. But how many of us actually protect our locks before blasting it with a blow dryer or using heated tools? We may not be able to see you while you’re reading, but we know you’re nodding!

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So, to ensure your locks stay in the best tip-top condition, and so you don’t loose that shine-factor or your glorious colour, you’ll need to have a serious heat protector stashed away at home. How do you use them you ask? Well, there’s two ways, if you want to protect your hair before blow drying spritz them into damp, towel dried hair. But never when it’s soaking wet. Applying product into dripping wet hair will waste and dilute the product, so there’s literally zero point. Secondly, if you’re using heated tools, so tongs, straighteners or rollers in dry hair you can mist your heat shield over the top, just before you begin styling. If you’ve over applied too much product, blast it with a hairdryer before styling, you don’t want your tools to sizzle when you use them.

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So if you’re missing a heat protector in your life, we’ve done the hard work for you, and picked our favourites on the highstreet. There’s one for curls, another for shine, so whatever hair type you’ve got you’ll be sure to find the ultimate protector for you. How do you think the models backstage go through so many hair transformations without their hair ending up in a mangled mess?!

Amazing hair, even if you style it everyday? No problem!