Best Hair Serum: Look’s Edit

If you're on the hunt for a new hair serum, you're in luck. Because we've found the best hair serum ever in our edit of the top 10 hair serums.

We’ve hand-picked our top 10 best hair serum that will help you on your way to banishing frizzy, dry and damaged strands and replacing them with the gorgeous, silky and luxurious-looking hair that you’ve always dreamt of.

What’s the difference between hair serums and hair oils I hear you ask? Well, serum is a silicone-based product that applies a layer of coating to the surface of your hair, whereas hair oil actually penetrates into the hair itself. Serums can be applied to either wet or dry hair depending on the product and work to nourish your hair, make it look healthier and mend years worth of should’ve known better damage…  Also, due to serum’s light reflecting properties they make your hair look more sleek and shiny whilst also protecting your much loved tresses from the harmful damage the sun causes every day.

Serums can be used for a multitude of reasons whether it’s to soften the texture of your hair, protect it from heat damage, control frizz, help hair grow longer or mend split ends, you name it and there’s a serum for it! For those with dryer, frizzier and more chemically treated hair, they also make hair far more manageable especially post-wash so that it can be brushed and styled with much less hassle- prayers answered… What’s more is they can transform a seemingly dull, simple straightened style into one with a glossy, polished finish making sure you look like you’ve arrived straight from the salon.

These little pots are full of helpful goodness your hair would be thanking you for so check out our roundup for the best hair serum ever!