12 Seriously Cute Friendship Tattoos

Is there anything that demonstrates true dedication to friendship better than matching tattoos? Erm, we think not. There is no bigger commitment than co-coordinating ink, and your BFF is a much safer bet than getting your lover’s name permanently etched on your body. No one wants to end up trying to cover up their ex’s name with a new tattoo a la Angelina Jolie.

If you and your BFF are truly set on being best friends forever (and are committed to taking a trip to a tattoo parlour to prove it), the next step is choosing your design.

This is where we come in. We’ve scoured the Internet and rounded up the best friendship tattoos we can find. If you and your bestie (or besties) are stuck for ideas – we’ve got all the inspo you might need.  Whether you and your friend want to go for a subtle, arty design or a more out-there inking, there are ideas in here for you.

Both share a mutual appreciation for pizza? Why not get a tattoo to show your appreciation. Had a holiday to remember with your bessie? The perfect excuse to get matching palm tree motifs. Or keep it simple and show the love with matching hearts.

Can’t pick which mate to match with? Show the appreciation for your girl gang with matching tattoos for the whole group.  Send your mates this link pronto, and get planning your matching tattoos. 

If you’re in need of more inspo why not look to the celebs with our gallery of A-list ink.

Or, have a gander at our gallery of beaut small tattoos

Reckon you and your bae will go the distance? See all our couple tattoo ideas here.

Happy inking, my friends.