Best Face Mist: Our Desk Draw Essentials

Face mists, what’s all the fuss about them, right? If you’re getting everything else right in your skincare routine – cleanser, toner moisturiser, surely there’s really no need to add yet another product to the ever-growing list we use on a daily basis.

You’re probably sitting there thinking that a face mist is for dry skin, but actually a few spritz’ of these revitalizing sprays can help with oily and blemish prone skin, too. So, how do they work and what do they do? It turns out your skin is pretty much always in need of some form of hydration (go figure).

For those of us lucky enough to spend our days sat in an air-conditioned office (basically everyone), you’ll probably have noticed that it can really dry out your skin. Face mists are great at re-hydrating your skin, without having to take all your makeup off, plus it’s the perfect product to stash in your desk draw so you can pull it out and spritz it on whenever your face is in need of a serious thirst quench. 

Besides hydrating your base and helping you keep your cool face mists also have the added benefit of extending your makeup, calming irritated skin and generally bringing life to your post 3PM dull, lackluster complexion.

The new wave of sprays are jam packed with antioxidants and some even contain UV defense which help to protect your skin from external environmental stressors – cool huh? If you’re thinking maybe you can do without, try one of these on a summers day, or even a Monday when you’re feeling generally bleugh, we promise you’ll be hooked!