Best Eyebrow Pencils: Our Top 10

In the market for a new brow tool? We've rounded up the top 10 best eyebrow pencils out there to get your brows on fleek

Getting one of the best eyebrow pencils is key to getting perfect brows. And lets be honest, there’s no better feeling than stepping back from the mirror, and realising your eyebrows have turned out perfectly. Thanks to Instagram, #browsonfleek is actually a thing, and let’s be honest, we all try and fit the hash tag.

Some of us may be a little pluck happy at times and although there are many more permanent options to getting thicker looking brows, they’re also pretty pricey! So a good eyebrow pencil is the next best thing and at a fraction of the price, we all need one in our make up bag.

Eyebrows are one of those things that, if we didn’t have them, we’d really miss them. They shape our face and make our pretty eyes stand out, so we want to look after them and keep them preened as often as we can, and these fabulous pencils will keep your arches shaped to perfection!

From soft pencils, to defined brush tips, from waterproof to roll up crayons, there’s a lot more to these necessities than what meets the eye(brow). So, there’s a choice for everyone.

Thanks to us, you can now be one step closer to being in the good brow gang, because we’ve rounded our the 10 best eyebrow pencils to get yours looking fab.